A large number of children are on the autism spectrum, and families with special needs children want to provide their kids with fun and engaging activities they can enjoy. The Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreats program was created to provide fun activities for those children that they might not get to experience otherwise. These retreats can also provide a break for those families who have special needs children.

A Fantastic Option for Children on the Spectrum and Their Families

The retreats are free for families who have children who are on the autism spectrum, which means that low-income families will be able to bring their children to the stables. Families will receive four hours of a customized Horse Boy Method session that is designed to meet the child’s needs and interests.

The Horse Boy Method was created by Rupert Isaacson, who has an autistic son named Rowen. He found that horseback riding had amazing effects on his son. In the therapy, he uses the motion of the horse to help reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol that is produced, while increasing the amount of oxytocin. This helps to stop the stress response of the body, which in turn allows the brain to learn. When the body and mind are too stressed, learning becomes next to impossible. By reducing those levels of stress, it can be very beneficial to autistic children. The sessions are fun for the child, as well as the rest of the family.

As mentioned, the retreat is free of charge for families of children with autism. Using the method mentioned above, they are able to create a customized retreat of three days and two nights, which includes the accommodations and a night out at dinner. The retreat includes four hours of riding or therapy sessions.

Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreats has partnered with Stable View Cottages, which is located right near the stables. These cottages are small houses with a full-size futon, a full kitchen, queen bed, TV, wireless Internet, and Netflix.


What is Learned at the Retreat?

There will be sensory sessions at the retreat that will focus on the healing properties that being around horses can provide. It’s a relaxing time where the kids and family can spend time with the horses and soaking in the peas that they can provide. In addition, there will be short rides around the property to give the kids the opportunity to be up on a horse and to ride in a safe and controlled location.

One of the best features of the program is that it doesn’t provide a cookie-cutter approach. They understand that each child is different and has their own interests. Parents can let them know what the child enjoys and where their interests lie, so the program can be customized to meet their interests.

Financial Support Means Everyone is Welcome

Programs are offered throughout the year for families who want to benefit from the Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreats. 25% of all of the money that is generated through Lake Fork Stables is set aside for the retreat program, so there are always funds to help these families.

If you have an autistic child, or you know of parents who have an autistic child, this program can be a lot of fun and it can be a real help. Get in touch with Riders Up! to learn more about the retreat or apply now. It could be just the thing that you and your family have been hoping to find, and it can provide you with some wonderful memories.