Over the course of the last few years, kayak fishing has been steadily becoming more popular. When you head out to Lake Fork or many of the other lakes in the country, you will notice that there are quite a few more kayaks on the water than there were a few decades ago, and there are some simple but important reasons for this. Let’s look at a few of the reasons that kayak fishing is becoming so popular and then learn more about fishing on Lake Fork.

Benefits of Kayak Fishing

People who love fishing want to do more than just cast from the shore. They want to get out on the water and head deeper to find their fish. They want to be able to head into small inlets and coves to secret fishing spots. However, getting a fishing boat and a motor can often be quite expensive, so many people have started to look into kayaks. It’s possible to find a high-quality kayak for much less than what other fishing boats will cost. There are other cost benefits, as well. It’s easier and cheaper to transport, they are easy to maintain, and launch fees tend to be very small.

Of course, the price is certainly not the only reason that kayak fishing is so popular. You will find that it’s easy to get the kayak into and out of the water. You don’t need to have a launch ramp or a dock. You can slip into the water nearly anywhere, and you will be able to get to places that would be difficult to reach with other types of vessels.

Kayaks also happen to be fun and relaxing. Getting out and spending some time paddling to your favorite spots is a great way to spend a day even if the luck isn’t on your side when it comes to fishing. When the day is over, it’s easy to get the kayak out of the water and back home. There’s just a lot to love about kayaking.

Kayak Fishing on Lake Fork

In addition, to those other benefits, those who are fishing on Lake Fork will find that a kayak is a fantastic way to get around the lake efficiently and without making a lot of sound. This can come in handy for those who are considering entering a kayak fishing tournament. Each year, there are a number of different tournaments that allow kayaks or that are kayaks only at the lake.

One of the events is the KBF TRAIL Series Regional Final Tournament, which takes place from Friday, September 27 to Sunday, September 29. The anglers will be attempting to win cash prizes with the first place winner taking a couple of thousand dollars. Another event is Bass on the Fly, which allows boats as well as kayaks. This is a catch, photo, release tournament. First prize is $1,200.

In addition to these and other fishing tournaments on the lake, you could also just head out and do some fishing on your own to enjoy the day. There are plenty of great spots available.

Why Head to Little Caney Cove?

Little Caney Cove is located near the heart of Lake Fork and it is known for having nice, placid waters that are great for paddling. It also has some great fishing. It’s easy to get into the cove, too. You can head out from Stable View Cottages and it is only about seven minutes away. You can launch right from Hideaway Harbor and it will only cost $5.

If you want to get out on the water, but you don’t want to deal with the expense or the hassle of a larger boat, consider getting a kayak.