Lake Fork is one of the most popular lakes in Texas when it comes to providing great bass fishing. It is home to some of the biggest bass in the state and there are a number of pro tournaments that are held at the lake, including Bassmaster tournaments, because of the great fishing.

One of the most fun and interesting tournaments, the World Championship of Bass on the Fly Fishing Tournament, is now entering its 11th year. It will be held on Saturday, May 2, 2020, from 6 AM to 2 PM, starting at the Lake Fork Marina. It features a number of sponsors this year including the likes of Skeeter Boats, Bass Pro – Garland, Temple Fork Rods, Lake Fork Marina, Yellow Dog Adventures, and many more. The sponsors help to make the event so special each year.

The Tournament

There are several categories at this tournament, but all of the boaters and kayakers are required to use fly fishing gear for the event.

There is the boater category, which will feature one to two people on each team. They will be able to take five fish photos and will be looking for a win for total length or big bass.

The kayak category will feature individuals, who will also have five fish photos and be competing for total length and big bass. Those who are going to be in the kayak category cannot use any power for their boat, only their paddles. The kayak category can also include float tubes and pontoons.

There is a club trophy category for a club or organization with the three big fish. The cost for entry is $70 for the whole tournament is for each person, including $5 for the big bass pot.

Of course, you are probably wondering about the payout. Fortunately, there is going to be a nice payout this year. First place will take $1,200, second place is $800, third place is $500, fourth place is $300, fifth place is $200, and sixth through tenth place will receive $100. For the “Big Bass” prize, the amount will vary between $200 and $300, as it is based on the number of entries.

Activities at the Tournament

There are going to be quite a few fun and interesting activities that the entire family can enjoy at the event. On Friday, May 1 from 10 AM to 4 PM there are free casting clinics, along with kayak demos. You can also take part in a casting contest. There are also plenty of product booths that you can explore. In addition, there is the Big Sunfish Tourney that will be taking place from 3 PM to 6 PM. It might be fun if you like catching panfish.

Saturday is the day of the contest, but there are plenty of other great activities that are taking place onshore from 9 am to noon, there will be more free casting clinics, as well as contests, demos, and the product booths. It’s also the day when the winners will be determined.

Those who are interested in fishing during the tournament will need to register online through and download an app, so pictures of the fish can be sent in as they are caught. Those who are going to register as a two-person team will want to register at the same time.

Even if you aren’t going to be fishing, you will find plenty to do at the event site while you wish the anglers luck. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere and it gets you outside and down by the lake. Make it a point to visit and experience this year’s annual World Championship of Bass on the Fly Fishing Tournament.